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Catch Up With Being Alaia In 2023

Catch Up With Being Alaia

By: Alaia


catch up with being alaia at the beach

Hi! I’m Alaia (uh-lay-yah) the person behind Being Alaia, obviously. Catch up with Being Alaia and me! To say it has been hard to continue to blog after losing everything on my website and having to start over again has been difficult to say the least. But I did it.

Welcome to the NEW Being Alaia. I am going to try so hard to move on from this loss and start putting out content more regularly, as well as saving these blog posts regularly to a different source so I always have a backup copy at hand incase this ever happens again. This was definitely a learning experience for me and has only fueled my need to be a better writer and blogger.

This opportunity also gives me the chance to share new projects that I am working on with my creative writing. I want to share short stories again. I have been writing poems for my poetry book, so I can’t share those quite yet, but I want to share my creative writing in some manner.

Anyway, let’s get into the updates that have been going on these past couple of years! And thank you so much for being here and following along on my journey!

What’s New with Being Alaia

For the past couple of years, I have been focusing my creative inspiration in other outlets and social media platforms. While I had writers block and lacked the passion for writing, I turned to the art of video entertainment and videogames. Basically, I worked hard on my YouTube Channel and my Twitch Channel.

I created content regularly for YouTube and Twitch and I had so much fun doing it! If you haven’t at least checked out my YouTube channel, I highly recommend it. I film a lot of my personal life and just things I have been up to on there.

But at the start of 2023, I got a job… In all honesty, I like working a lot more than I thought I would. I really like having my own money and being the one who worked hard for it. My job is just a regular office job for the State Government so I’m pretty good at it. All I’ve done is office work since even before getting pregnant, but especially after starting my own business.

Things To Catch Up On

Catch Up with Being Alaia about Mom-Life

So yes, I have a job now and it makes doing anything for myself and my businesses impossible. It’s a full-time position and I’m still a mom when I get home, so I have been insanely busy with balancing those two things.

Catch Up with Being Alaia on YouTube

I had to cut back on my YouTube videos. I’m trying to post at least once a month, because I do love creating videos for my channel and I want to have some form of consistency. That has been working pretty well for me, so I hope to continue that until my job is finished here.

Catch Up with Being Alaia on Twitch

For Twitch, I stream mostly on the weekends now, but it’s all no pressure for me. I love playing video games and twitch just makes doing that more fun. I want to keep that same atmosphere and vibe for Twitch. It’s just fun for me and I want it to stay that way.

Catch Up with Being Alaia about Bare Authentic

The biggest sacrifice I had to make when accepting this job was putting my small business, Bare Authentic, on hold. With the help of my sister, we had just designed the new cover of a journal I wanted to start production on. However, with all the marketing and prep for launch that comes after completing a design is a lot of work and I knew this job wouldn’t leave any room for it. I had to put it on pause because I always want to be able to give my business 110%.

Catch Up with Being Alaia the Blog

So with everything going on in my life, I feel like I actually should have more room to blog. Like during my lunch breaks or whenever there is a slow lull at work. Not to mention, I can write blog posts on my phone as well. I want to get back into writing and I want this blog to be the place that I do that.

Get ready for new blogs and short stories. I plan to get at least 1 or 2 posts up every month. This is me trying to hold myself accountable, hahaha.


It’s been a weird and crazy couple of years since I have actually tried working on my website, but I feel good about it. This is old and new at the something, and that is a duality that I can appreciate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and being able to catch up with Being Alaia. I have all my links on my LinkTree, but you can pretty much find me on any social media platform. If you’re interested in subscribing to my newsletter,I do want to start that up again as well. I hope you’ve been well and feel free to leave an update on YOU in the comments.

Until Next Time,


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