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The Perfect Office Space Setup – All You Need!

The Perfect Office Space Setup – All You Need!


I struggled for the longest time to assemble the perfect office space setup that allowed me to work from home comfortably. While I am not quite finished with my setup, I do have all the essentials one would need for an office space and I listed them below. Here are all the things you will meed for the perfect office setup!


Finding a perfect desk for your office space setup is a critical step. It’s the equivalent of a bedroom needing a bed. You just can’t have a good office space setup without it. I recently just upgraded my desk!. I had my previous desk since high school, so over ten years! It was just too cramped and made working on it difficult. Especially after I got a “new” monitor (more on that later in the blog).

The desk I have now is exactly what I was looking for. It’s all one level which allows me to organize the desk in any way that I want. It also fits way more things than my old desk. It’s actually really simple for a desk, but it’s absolutely perfect and makes me feel excited to work. I’ll link the desk that I got here.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. I find it hard to get any work done without one. I tried to use my iPad as a computer for a really long time, but it was quite difficult. I still use my iPad for a lot of things, but I find that I am more productive when I work on my MacBook Air.

So having a computer or laptop that works best for your needs in your office space setup is an important thing to have. Especially if you need to be on the internet. As a writer, I am also constantly typing away on my computer. Not just writing though, but for all the content that I create online. You can find all my content creating platforms here.

I prefer Mac products to Windows because it’s just more user friendly, but I am planning on building my own PC soon so that I can do a bit more with a ton more digital space. So do take into consideration what you need for work when deciding on a computer.


If I’m being honest, a monitor isn’t quite necessary. However, if you are looking to not only step up, but perfect, your office space setup, then I highly recommend looking into investing a monitor.

I am one of those people who are doing multiple things at once, so having a monitor really helps me do that. Like when it comes to YouTube videos and leaving links. I also can play the video on one screen (i.e. my iPad) and then mark down the time stamps or the things that I mentioned to link with (monitor or laptop) at the same time. Lastly, I can play music, keep up with my Discord server, and run streams on several monitors.

So while it may not be necessary to have multiple monitors, it is a great addition to your prefect office space setup. It definietly has been worth the investment in my own office space.

Cable Management

This step is really important if you have kids (which I do) who love to get in to your things and touch any and all wires (also my kids). So to kepp them away from all these wires, cables, and buttons, I needed to have a good cable management setup for my office space to keep them out.

I found these really amazing cable box management systems and knew they would just be perfect for my office space setup. They’re all white and hide most of my cables perfectly! I need to add a few more accessories to my able management system to really make my wires and cables disappear, but what I have works well for now. I’ll link below some options and the ones that I use below.


You’ll definiely need some storage for the perfect office space setup. I got really cheap drawers from Target and they have just been a major addition to my office space setup. I use them to hold all my office supplies so that I don’t have extra clutter on my desk. I find that having a cluttered work desk does not make me want to work.

I’m thinking of uppgrading my drawers to something a bit more pleasing to look at, but the ones I have now are just so useful that I don’t see myself replacing them anytime soon. Plus I’d have to regorganize everything and that wouldn’t be as much fun. But here are a few options that I am considering:


If you want the perfect office space setup, I recommend investing in these items. They will take any office space and make it way more efficient for you to get work done. I have a YouTube video on what my current office space setup looks like! If you’re interested in checking that out, you can watch it here or below.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog! If you did, please consider sharing or comment down below what your favorite part was! If you have any recommedations also, please feel free to share your thoughts! Thank you so much for reading today’s blog on the perfect office space setup! Connect with me on all my social media platforms here, and due stay tuned for more content! Thanks again, and I’ll catch you on the next one! (:


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